Live Performance at Amaya Indian Cuisine: Rujuta and Mitesh

Live Performance at Amaya Indian Cuisine:

Rujuta and Mitesh will be performing live at Amaya

Friday, June 27th 6:30 – 9:00 PM.

Rujuta Dholakia: 102

Rujuta Dholakia is passionate about Music and Performing arts. Her goal is to spread her love for Indian music and culture throughout the community. While in India, she hosted many TV shows on Zee T.V., ET.V and Doordarshan. At the same time she began participating in music recordings and stage programs. She worked as an assistant Music director, with one of the famous music directors of Gujarat. For the past 6 years, she has been teaching Indian music in Rochester, NY. Her company is called, SAAZ Indian Music and Entertainment which is an enrichment program, for children and adults in the community to learn Indian music and dance and to appreciate in the amazing culture.


Mitesh Parikh is the founder of Manmit Entertainment and he started his music career in India. After coming to the United States, he continued his music hobby along with a fulltime job as a program manager at Harris RF. He is actively involved in helping the Indian community of Rochester with orphaning music events and various festivals.